The populace is now being bombarded by media like never before in history. Information, opinions, and propaganda are impossible to avoid, and the internet tends to favor the most controversial and polarizing of headlines. This website reflects The Narrator’s attempts to parse through it. This will take place in the form of readable summaries, or narrations, of current events. In other words, it will reflect what this week’s or month’s news means to the Narrator and their own account or “story” of what is happening in my world: The Narration. Being that The Narrator is located in the midwestern United States, their perspective and focus will be limited accordingly.

In addition to The Narration, The Narrator will compile some of their own thoughts and opinions into short essays or articles in The Narrator’s Blog. These are simply exercises to explore and express ideas that I care about, and I hope that they will encourage deeper thinking on certain issues and lead to pushback that can put those ideas to the test.

Lastly, The Narrator is not able to engage on all news subjects. Therefore, the News Links page will serve to collect various news articles other links of interest.

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